Letters From You

by Zachary Hall

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The release of this album has been a long time coming. Never thought I'd see the day it actually happened. Thanks so much to the following people for helping me get to this point!
Aaron Trevino
Jake Hughes
Andy Stambaugh
Lawrence Warner III
My family, for believing in me even when I might not be so believable.


released October 22, 2013

Engineered and Mixed by Zachary Hall at Seven Acre Recordings
Mastering by Mycal Shroyer
The following participated in helping record some instrumentation for this album:
Aaron Trevino - Drums (My Head, Closure, Never Thought)
Jake Hughes - Electric Piano (My Head), Vocal Harmony (Closure)
Andy Stambaugh - Strings (Closure), Electric Guitar (Closure)



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Zachary Hall Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: My Head
It's all in my head.

I'm a long way from home.
My eyes grow tired as my mind grows restless
Recurring images of you and I, with the uncertainty of what you're thinking
Is it me?

I'm a long way from home.
All these distractions occupy for only so long
Recurring images of you and I, with the certainty that what you're thinking isn't me.

Did I slip into your thoughts?
Is any of it mutual?
An ever ending riddle I hope to piece together when I come home
Track Name: Closure
If you wanted me to go, why didn't you say so?
Cause you're the only thing that's kept me here for days
I'm just waiting for some form of closure
If you wanted me to stay, then why'd you leave me?
You've had me running round in circles these past few days
I'm just looking for some kind of answer

Those times, they were real
Like the way the sun was shining down on you and the way you made feel
I'm falling back on the lies, they just couldn't seem to find the strength to hold me up this time

If I wanted you to go, I would've said so.
You're the only reason that I ever loved this place
Seems you'll never know, how I felt so low
I always wanted you to stay, so why'd you leave me?
I've been running through my thoughts these past few days
I'm just waiting for a way to pick myself back up

I can't do this anymore
Wish I could've been the man you were looking for
My hearts been bound by these chains of what we were
Track Name: Approval
I know I do some things that you probably won't approve of
Even though, somewhere inside you there's a darkness worse than mine
That's how it goes, when you hit that stage
You're bitter towards the world
When it's done nothing wrong, but take the blame
You may say to me that I'm wrong, but I'm afraid that it's too typical

Are you having trouble sleeping, with your guilts, watching every move that you make?

It's getting hard to hear you say, you're sorry for your faults and that you wish I never had to feel this way
When everything's the same
You're sharing all the pain that you've been building up for days

You know you do some things that I never would approve of
Even still, you'll play it off like there's no one waiting on you
That's how it goes, when we hit that stage
I'm bitter towards your god
For everything he's caused; a life of shame.
I would say to you that you're wrong, but I'm afraid it's all too typical
Track Name: Never Thought
It's been so long since you left behind all we've ever known
Only to return when the time was right
But I can't press on, from this lack of sleep and how we never talk
You can call me a liar, cause I never thought I'd miss you this much

These days are so long
These nights are spent waiting for your calls
There's so much I could say
But when the time came, I could not relay
So I'll just hold on to our memories, cause for now, it's all I've got
You can call me a liar, cause before, I told you I'd never miss you this much

Postcards and letters from you just make you seem more distant
I'd really like to see you come home